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UVFF: Web Series Competition

28th April 3.15pm £5 A selection of web series episodes which have been shortlisted for this year’s award. These are: Mina Murray’s Journal (UK) by James Moran Hooked (Italy) by Luca Vecchi ...

UVFF: Shopping Channels

28th April 4.30pm £8 Shopping Channels Directed by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (UK) 101 Minutes 4.30pm Mike is stuck in a rut. Same routine every day. Get up go to work and try to not get too annoyed by his ...

UVFF: What Waits in the Red

28th April 6.30pm £8 What Waits in the Red Directed by David Ince (UK) 83 Minutes 6.30pm Corinne and Ryan are homeless and desperate. Driven by frustration and a sense of entitlement, they start down a ...

UVFF: Dead Certain

28th April 8.15pm £8 Dead Certain Directed by Hendrik Faller (UK) 92 Minutes 8.15pm Hostage in his own home, a desperate young man is forced to team up with his captor to fight off the survivors of a fatal ...

UVFF: Short Docs

29th April 12.30pm £8 Short Docs  12.30pm 62 mins Flask Walk (Directed by Michael Slowe, UK) The main focus of attention and activity in this narrow alleyway off the main street of North London’s ...

UVFF: Shorts 1

29th April 1.45pm £8 Shorts 1  1.45pm  81 mins Book tickets online Dates, 201729 April, 2017 Silent Country (Directed by Fergus March, UK) Inspired by the present migrant crisis and how governments are ...

UVFF: Shorts 2

29th April 3.30pm £8 Shorts 2  3.30pm  87 mins Book tickets online Dates, 201729 April, 2017 The Monster (Directed by Bob Pipe, UK) Trying to resurrect his successful career from the early 20th century, an ...

UVFF: Shorts 3

29th April  5.15pm  £8 Shorts 3  5.15pm  83 mins Book tickets online Dates, 201729 April, 2017 Godless (Directed by Fergus March, UK) Trapped in their office by a baying crowd from all religious ...

UVFF: Breaking Boundaries

29th April 7pm £8 Breaking Boundaries Directed by Leen Tangney (Ireland) 43 Minutes 7.00pm Breaking Boundaries is a truly inspirational documentary that follows Jack Kavanagh and his friends as they head ...